What we're about


We believe the whole bible to be the complete, inspired written Word of God.  We believe that all people have fallen short of the glory of God and that God himself came in the form of man, suffered at the hands of men, died for our sins and resurrected the third day so that we may be saved.

For a more detailed description of our beliefs, click here to see our Declaration of Faith.

Who we are


We are a God loving, Spirit filled, mission focused Malayalee Pentecostal Church under the umbrella of the Church of God in Cleveland, TN.  Malayalees are a group of people that originate from Southern India in the state of Kerala but it is our membership in our Lord's family that we're most proud of.  Our services include a mix of both English and Malayalam languages.

Here's some more information about the history of our church.

What we're doing


Our focus is on both local and international missions. We participate in a variety of mission work from OCC to homeless ministries, throughout the year.  We also believe in following the great commission and are therefore deeply focused on international missions.  In addition, we put an emphasis on studying and learning the Word with our extensive Sunday School and Bible Class programs.

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